Twin Cyclone Bus Vacuum System - Houston, TX

System Description:

Technical Information

Number of systems: Four
Date installed: January 1997
Air volume: 25,000 CFM
Horsepower: 50 HP
Noise level (on the fuel island): 87 dba (dampers open) 79 dba (dampers closed)
Collection containers per system: One 2 cubic yard front loading trash containers
Compactor: 3 HP air tight compactor
Total busses cleaned daily: 250
Time needed to fill one container: 1 week (compacted trash)
Air filtration: Yes
Environment: Under insulated roof --bus entry and exit are open.
Discharge air location: Through the roof to atmosphere
Service island width: 10'
Ceiling height: 23'

System Report

After extensive research of bellows-style bus vacuum systems and the suitability to their application, Houston Metro chose to use a Robertson Air Systems Twin Cyclone Bus Vacuum System. Their extensive research was prompted by 10 years of repeated failures with bus vacuum systems including problems with plugging, noise, loss of air flow, and blower misapplications.

After visiting several twin cyclone systems installed for MUNI Transit in San Francisco, Houston Metro engineers concluded that they would specify a Robertson Air Systems Twin Cyclone bus vacuum system at their new Fallbrook Facility.

The Fallbrook facility was put into full operation in January of 1997. The four twin cyclone bus vacuum systems have performed beyond their expectations. The operating personnel have commented on the quietness of the system (79 dba with the dampers shut) and yet how powerfully it vacuums (25,000 CFM). The operation has been virtually flawless since start-up and we anticipate continued high performance for many years to come.

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