Twin Cyclone Bus Vacuum System - Portland, OR

System Description:

Technical Information

Number of systems: Two
Went into operation: February 1996
Air volume: 24,000 CFM
Horsepower: 50 HP
Noise level: 87 dba (dampers open) 83 dba (dampers closed)
Collection containers per system: Two 3 cubic yard front loading trash containers
Compactor: None
Total busses cleaned daily: 165
Time needed to fill one container: 1 to 2 days
Air filtration: Yes
Environment: Uncovered outside location
Discharge air location: Outside
Service island width: 74"
Ceiling height: Not applicable

System Report

The TRI-MET in Portland, OR, decided to purchase a twin cyclone bus vacuum system for their Powel Facility after doing extensive research. The research included visiting several transit facilities in California--using both bellows and 3" hose style bus vacuum systems.  The benefits and short-comings of both styles were evaluated.  

The twin cyclone bus vacuum system clearly proved to be the system that could best meet their unique demands.

The Powell Facility has a service island width of 74" and was the narrowest space that a twin cyclone bus vacuum system has ever fit at that time. Also, only one other system (Palm Springs, CA) has ever been installed in an uncovered outside location.

The system has had very few difficulties operating nearly flawlessly since start-up. The uncovered outside location and extremely wet environment did effect some exposed roller bearings under the bellows and 3 cubic yard trash containers. The problem was permanently solved by replacing them with plastic sleeve bearings.

Sometimes good air flow has its difficulties. The small waste paper baskets next to the drivers seats occasionally get vacuumed up in the tremendous air flow going through the buses front door. The waste baskets have at times been caught in the cyclone inlet opening and upset the system's normal operation. TRI-MET now sets the waste baskets out of the air stream before vacuuming.

The Powell Facility personnel have been very pleased with the system performance and have commented on how efficiently the bus trash is being removed. The dust build up that normally settled on the busses interior is now gone. A news article written by Powell service supervisor Mr. Brad Reusser appeared the TRI-MET Fare Exchange newspaper entitled "Service Crew Cleans in a Breeze" describes, in their own words, their satisfaction with the system.


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