Seaboard Envelope Company-Irwindale, CA
Electric/Pneumatic Control Systems

System Report:

The Seaboard Envelope Company in Irwindale, CA is a family owned business that produces over 4,000,000 envelopes in an eight hour shift and places production efficiency as a priority. Robertson Air Systems has been assisting in maximizing the production efficiency since 1990 by furnishing and installing successfully operating pneumatic/electric control systems as follows:

1. The diverter and motor controls with cyclone plugging protection for the paper trim collection system --The 2 position diverter controls for "white" or "colored" paper selection are mounted at 10 envelope cutting machines and 2 floor sweep pick-ups. Two baler shoot and three cyclone mounted Sonac Sensor high level indicators detect back-ups and prevent cyclone plugging as follows:
  • Yellow "Baler Shoot Full" pilot indicators warn the floor sweep operators when the baler shoot is full. A continued "Baler Shoot Full" condition will time open (30 seconds) the baler shoot diverter valve and direct incoming material to atmosphere and to the floor below.
  • A plugged cyclone condition shuts down all material handling blowers sending paper trim to it. The blower can be restarted by diverting the paper trim to the unplugged cyclone or by clearing the blockage. See the Georgia Pacific pneumatic/electric control system for additional information on cyclone plugging and plugging protection.
2. An envelope counting system that counts the daily envelope production output at each machine--An office mounted display provides continual grand total information as well as a running grand total for long term production monitoring. The system components are as follows:
  • One office mounted 20" x 20" NEMA 12 enclosure.
  • An Allen Bradley SLC-500 programmable controller.
  • One16 input high speed counting card.
  • An envelope counting relay connection at each machine.
  • One interactive digitally displayed module.
3. An envelope adhesive monitoring system--Three centrally located remote mounted 6000 gallon tanks containing envelope adhesive feed the production machinery. An office mounted display provides continual individual tank level information. The office personnel have continually tank level status and know exactly when to order more adhesive without going up to the tanks. The system components are as follows:
  • One office mounted 20" x 20" NEMA 12 enclosure. An Allen Bradley SLC-500 programmable controller.
  • Three analog (3-20 ma) input cards. Three tank mounted Series 300 Level and Pressure Transmitters.
  • One interactive digitally displayed module.

For a first hand report of the above systems successful operation we urge you to contact the following:

Mr. Ron Niedringhaus
Seaboard Envelope Company
15601 Cypress
Irwindale, CA 91706
(626) 960-4559

Robertson Air Systems specializes in streamlining industrial production utilizing pneumatic/electric control systems as described above. We look forward to assisting you in maximizing your production efficiency and please do not hesitate to call if there are any questions.


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