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New Bellows Installation - Anaheim and Garden Grove, CA

The new OCTA Bellows seals all busses and para transit vehicles - Anaheim, CA
The top seal, side louvers, and bottom seal are all pneumatically operated.

Bus Vacuum System Description:

Technical Information (Garden Grove Operating Base)

Number of bellows: Three
Air volume: 21,250 CFM
Horsepower: 20 HP
Noise level: 91 dba
Collection containers per system: Two 3 cubic yard front loading trash containers
Compactor: None
Total busses cleaned daily: 247
Time needed to fill one container: 1 to 2 days
Air filtration: No
Environment: Under insulated roof --bus entry and exit are open.
Discharge air location: Outside
Service island width: 108"
Ceiling height: Not applicable
Air Refresher System: Yes - Inline dry type 

Technical Information (Anaheim Operating Base)

Number of bellows Three
Air volume 24,500 CFM
Horsepower 30 HP
Noise level 91 dba
Collection containers per system Two 3 cubic yard front loading trash containers
Compactor None
Total busses cleaned daily 247
Time needed to fill one container 1 to 2 days
Air filtration No
Environment Under insulated roof --bus entry and exit are open.
Discharge air location Outside
Service island width 108"
Ceiling hieght Not applicable
Air Refresher System Yes - Inline dry type 

System Report

Orange County Transit Authority came to Robertson Air Systems in the Spring of 1998 for advice on how to upgrade the bellows style bus vacuum systems at both the Garden Grove and Anaheim Operating Bases. The air handling equipment (fans, ducts, and collector) were still in good condition even after 20 years of operation. However, the bellows had deteriorated extensively and the seal between the bellows and bus during vacuuming was not acceptable.

Robertson Air Systems contracted with OCTA to utilize our 16 years experience in the bus vacuuming industry to design, build, and install a new bellows that would seal all the new style busses including the para transit vehicles. The new heavy duty constructed bellows have been in full operation in since November 1998--a testimony that these systems are designed to last for many years. The top seals, side louvers, and bottom seals are made with up to 1" thick neoprene rubber and are all pneumatically operated and successfully provide a 98% seal on most busses in the fleet.

Robertson Air Systems upgraded the 10 hp direct driven fans (6 plcs) at the Anaheim Operating Base to be 15 hp belt driven. The result was an improvement of the air flow performance from 19,250 CFM to 24,500 CFM.

The installation of a trouble free, low maintenance air refresher system was also included with the new bellows and blower upgrades. The inline air refresher system is a dry type that freshens the air inside the busses with the blow gun during vacuuming. The stainless steel pressure vessel containing the air freshener product is shown in the above photographs.

You may contact OCTA for a first hand report.  

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about the new bellows or about twin cyclone bellows-style systems in general.   


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