Twin Cyclone Bus Vacuum System - Irvine, CA

System Description:

Technical Information

Number of systems: Three
Went into operation: January 2000
Air volume: 25,850 CFM
Horsepower: 50 HP per system
Noise level (on the fuel island): 79 dba with the bellows attached to the bus.
Collection containers per system: One 3 cubic yard front loading trash containers
Total busses cleaned daily: 250
Bellows design: Seals both para transit and full size bus door openings
Bellows seal efficiency: 89% RTS busses; All other busses 97%
Time needed to fill one container: 1 month
Air filtration: Yes
Environment: Under corrugated steel roof --bus entry and exit are open.
Discharge air location: Through the roof to atmosphere
Service island width: 94"
Ceiling height: 17'-10" max ; 15' - 8 1/2" min

System Report

Robertson Air Systems installed three state-of-the-art bus vacuum systems in a retrofit application at  the OCTA Irvine, CA, facility and successfully solved the short comings of the old system.  Three old style trash house/propeller fan type systems where originally installed in the facility when constructed back the 1970's.  Only one trash house with two inlet mounted propeller fans fed by two island mounted bellows was left standing.  The collection system had inadequate air flow and collection efficiency in addition to a poor bellows seal around the bus door openings.

The new systems--engineered to fit into the existing space--provide tremendous vacuum power (25,850 cfm), operate more quietly (79 dba),  and have at least a 95% collection efficiency down to 50 microns (no paper particles exit the cyclone discharge opening).  Our new bellows is also providing a tight seal on both para transit and full sized busses (as shown on the right).

All three systems have been operating flawlessly for over one year.  OCTA is very pleased with the operation and plans to specify the same twin cyclone bellows style design in their upcoming projects.

For a first hand report we urge you to contact the following:

Jim Khan
Orange County Transportation Authority
550 South Main Street
Orange, CA  92863-1584

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about twin cyclone bus vacuum systems, or if you have any questions at the following:

Phone: (714) 420-1450
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