Twin Cyclone Bus Vacuum System - Escondido, CA

System Description:

Technical Information

Number of systems: One
Went into operation: June 2000
Air volume: 30,803 CFM
Horsepower: 50 HP
Noise level: 81 dba (dampers open) 76 dba (dampers closed)
Collection containers per system: One 3 cubic yard front loading trash container
Compactor: None
Total busses cleaned daily: 60
Time needed to fill one container: 2 to 3 days
Air atomizing dust control system: Yes
Environment: Covered under a steel roof--bus entry and exit are open.
Discharge air location: Outside
Service island width: 90"
Ceiling height: 18' -10" max;   18' - 6" min.

System Report

The Robertson Air Systems installation at the NCTD East Division Facility in Escondido, CA, represented a quantum leap in twin cyclone bus vacuum system performance with an incredible 30,803 cfm air flow during vacuuming.  We do not know of a system in existence that equals or comes close to that performance.  

Amazingly, the system is also our quietest--utilizing superior sound attenuating technology--with the sound at 81 dba on the fuel island with the bellows attached to the bus and 76 dba with the bellows retracted and the stack dampers closed.  

Robertson Air Systems uses stack dampers on all our twin cyclone bus vacuum systems as standard equipment.  The stack dampers not only quiet the system down during bellows retraction but also cut power consumption by 35 % when closed.  Power savings is especially important in California with the recent 46% increase in electrical power costs.

Our new bellows with durable all rubber louvers are being used to provide a tight fit on every bus in the fleet.

NCTD has enjoyed complete satifaction with this system which has been vacuuming every bus in the fleet daily without a flaw since start-up.  We urge you to contact NCTD for a first hand report at the following:

Mr. Walt Amsler
North County Transit District
110 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA  92054
(760) 801-1051

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about twin cyclone bus vacuum systems or if you have any questions at the following:

Phone: (714) 420-1450
Fax: (866) 906-1450

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