Industry Solution--The Automatic Festoon Hose System (Patent 7,343,640)

Robertson Air Systems meets industry need for efficient hose management.

Culver City Transit says hose bus vacuuming has never been done with such ease and efficiency.  

Robertson Air Systems is pleased to present this new technology to other transit facilities.

                                    Superior vacuuming efficiency

                                             Superior time and motion efficiency

                                    Reliable and easy to maintain


Why Hose Festooning?

The Problem

Hose reel-style bus vacuuming has fallen short in both time and motion efficiency as well as ease of maintenance.   

Time is a problem--Hose is difficult to obtain which slows vacuuming start-up.  Additional time is lost as hose management and vacuuming are usually two separate procedures.  

Motion is problem--Hose reels feed quickly causing an unneeded extent of hose to drag on the ground becoming heavy and burdensome to the operators.                          Feed and retract of the hose is difficult and jerky, especially when close to the hose reel.

Maintenance is a problem--Hose reel systems are subject to regular plugging and blockage due to bends, turns, and restrictions in the vacuum line and wrappings on the drum.

Culver City Transit asked our assistance.  Our goal was set--Find a solution that would result in superior vacuuming efficiency and superior time and motion efficiency (operator ease of handling).  Additionally, we committed to a solution that would be cost-effective, in-budget, as well as durable, requiring little maintenance.

The solution--The Automatic Hose Festoon System 

Superior vacuuming efficiency

      The Automatic Festoon System eliminates many of the bends, turns and restrictions in the vacuum lines. As a result...       

Superior time and motion efficiency

    Managing the hose and vacuuming the bus has become one seamless procedure.

The use of pneumatics (as opposed to gear-driven force) has resulted in optimum ease in hose handling.  Gravity feeds out the hose effortlessly allowing the operator to...

Reliable and easy to maintain

Low maintenance is the positive result of both the elimination of bends, turns, and restrictions in the vacuum line and a simplified duct system--the potential for plugging has been reduced.  Culver City Transit's simple and durable automatic festoon operating mechanism has required virtually no maintenance.


Remarkably, this superior system can be installed for less than the cost of  hose vacuuming systems which utilize reels.


Culver City Transit will be pleased to provide information regarding the outstanding performance of the automatic festooned hose system. Contact Mike Slaughenhaupt, Facilities Engineer at 310-629-2975.


Additional System Enhancement installed in Mt. Vernon, NY.--The "Hose Pulley"

This excellent system was further enhanced in our recent installation in Mt. Vernon, NY, J&R Tours, with the addition of a "hose pulley" which allows for nearly  the entire length of hose to be used inside the bus; this results in the need for "less hose" which is always a design goal of efficient systems.  

Contact:  Jim DiDonato, Co-owner, at (914) 668-5050, ext. 225.

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