Robertson Air Systems designs, furnishes, and installs two styles of bus vacuum systems:


Hose Bus Vacuum Systems

Robertson Air Systems remains on the forefront in designing, developing, and installing hose bus vacuum systems that both meet and exceed transit facility needs. Our newly patented automatic festoon hose system offers superior vacuuming capability while providing unprecedented ease in hose handling. Culver City Transit says hose bus vacuuming has never been done with such ease and efficiency. Click either picture to learn more.  

Twin Cyclone Bellows-style Bus Vacuuming System

Recommended for facilities servicing over 60 buses per lane daily:
We are the original designers of the highly effective twin cyclone bus vacuum system which was developed to endure rigorous use. During use, a 26,000 cfm air volume is drawn through the bus and bellows and into the two cyclone collectors where the bus trash is separated and deposited into a compactor or trash container. Our newest models are quieter, more powerful, and more efficient than any bellows-style bus vacuum system available on the market. Click either picture to learn more.


We have also been pleased to employ our expertise in material air handling in the installation of custom designed pneumatic control systems  and controls for the material handling industry.

Pneumatic/Electric Panels and Control Systems

Robertson Air Systems pneumatic control systems can be custom designed or built per a customers drawings and specifications any where in North America. We use state of the art pneumatic parts on all pneumatic control systems and have extensive experience utilizing air cylinders, air motors, 4-way valves, manifolds, air logic elements, and various other pneumatic-actuated components for industrial material handling applications. Each system has a professionally constructed, centrally located pneumatic panel containing valve manifolds, air regulators, and filters. The electric components are controlled by an Allen Bradley SLC-500 programmable controller. Field mounted air cylinders, air motors, or actuators are also provided when needed.

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