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Engineering and Specifications Assisting Architects, Project Engineers, and Facility Managers

In addition to placing us in the forefront for design and implementation of new technology, twenty-five years in the bus vacuuming industry has also given us extensive experience in working with individual transit facilities across the nation, addressing their specific needs and finding solutions, within their available funding, to optimize production.

Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you and your specific application.  We offer free consultation whether you are in the design phase of a new facility or renovation project or are seeking cost-effective ways to upgrade or build efficiency into an existing system.

We have extensive experience in assisting architects and project engineers in writing bus vacuum system specifications.   We welcome you to view general specifications for both the Automatic Festoon Hose System and the Twin Cyclone Bellows-style Bus Vacuuming System.

Contact jim@robertsonairsystems.com to request any of the above specifications in Word  format.  We look forward to serving you! 


Jim Robertson--Robertson Air Systems, President. 

Equipment Maintenance and Testing

Robertson Air Systems offers a complete line of parts as well as services needed for bus vacuum system maintenance and repair.


Equipment installed by Robertson Air Systems undergoes thorough performance testing prior to system start-up.  We also assess the performance of existing equipment at transit facilities and recommend repair or upgrades as needed.  Tests include the following:

  1. Current readings on all three legs of the fan motor--the current readings help verify the blower performance and confirm safe motor operation.
  2. Air flow in cfm determined by a pitot tube traverse (5 readings in two directions) with a manometer within an inlet test pipe.
  3. System air pressure readings (in inches of water column) at various locations within the air handling equipment.
  4. Six dba sound pressure readings taken 5' above the ground at a 10' distance all around the equipment.


Robertson Air Systems employs our expertise in air quality testing and assisting facilities to achieve a clean air environment in the bus vacuum system work area. We have conducted extensive tests using a Staplex sampler and have found that most bus vacuum system emissions particles are bus exhaust soot. The exhaust soot is drawn into bellows during vacuuming as busses idle and accelerate through the work area.

We are a leader in technology developed to minimize bus vacuum system exhaust emissions. Atomized misters, effective sealing systems, stack dampers, exhaust locations, and the use of highly efficient cyclone separators are all design features that contribute to a dust-free work area.


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