An article about a Robertson Air Systems Twin Cyclone bus vacuum system appeared in the TRI-MET Fare Exchange news paper as follows:

Words Reprinted:  

          Written by Mr. Brad Reusser, TRI-MET (Portland) Powell Service Supervisor as follows:

The Powell Service Crew has a new toy. After many years of using the traditional broom method of sweeping the litter out of the buses, the Powell Service Crew has welcomed the installation of a bus vacuuming system referred to as the cyclone vac. It has been in operation for about four months, and the overall results have been outstanding. Everyone who has used the system has made positive comments.

The cyclone vacuum system is very easy to operate and is overall a much cleaner dust free operation compared to the broom method.

After aligning the front door of the bus with the air bellows portion of the cyclone vac, the rear door of the is then opened. When the vac is turned on, it secured to the front door forming an air-tight seal around it. The heavy-duty radial blower draw air through the rear door and through the bus to the front door with sufficient velocity to force all dust and litter to the cyclones which separate the trash and debris from the air stream. The clean air is discharged out the top of the cyclones and the cyclones discharge the dust and litter out the bottom into the trash container.

All of the servicing procedures; including fueling; dusting; floor scrubbing; graffiti cleaning; driver's area cleaning; and checking oils; fluids, head lights and tail lights; are now performed at the fuel house area while buses are being fueled. No time is spent in the yard with the broom. The trash from the buses goes directly into the trash containers, instead of being blown into the yard on windy nights. This results in easier cleanup at the end of the night.

Anyone who is interested in observing this machine in operation is encouraged to stop by between 7 p.m. and 3 a.m. weekdays and I will be happy to give you a guided tour.

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